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Airdrie Road Test Locations
All "Airdrie Road Tests" are conducted in the same professional manner regardless of registry location.
All Southern Albertans are subject to the same level of examination that is standardized throughout the province of Alberta.
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Class 5 Basic Testing Times Today

There are no immediate times available.

Airdrie Registry
If you live near the communities of Edgemont - Hamptons, or Country Hills - Panorama, Country Hills, and Harvest hills you might want to consider Airdrie registry as a Calgary road testing alternative location. Airdrie registry offers shorter wait times to get scheduled in for your road test. The setting for your test might also be important to boost your confidence. Airdrie registry provides an escape from busy Calgary city streets to a small town friendly community setting. Airdrie registry also provides ample parking and the chance to view real time road testing availability through their website.

You can also reserve your desired road testing time slot directly online instead of going to the registry just to book your road test. This is very convenient for Airdrie Registry's rural neighbors like Beiseker, Acme, Linden, and Three Hills. By booking your road test online you can save yourself a trip to the registry to book in person. You must also provide a safe road worthy vehicle for your road test - the examiner will check the vehicle you provide to make sure that it meets all requirement before your road test begins. For a checklist of how to prepare your vehicle for your road test please click here.

Click here to book your Alberta road test with Airdrie Registry

Every registry's Alberta road testing policies are slightly different.
Please make sure you read and understand the road testing policies of Airdrie Registry before completing your booking online.
128 Edmonton Trail NE, Airdrie, AB T4B 1S1
(403) 948-6018

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