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How To Reserve Your Calgary Road Test Online provides a road test reservation service in major city centers such as Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas. For the first time, users are able to reserve and pay for their Calgary road test online.

We connect to various Driver Examiner Companies in and around Calgary and receive real time broadcasts of availability. Since most road tests in Alberta must begin and end at a registry, the location of a registry is also associated with available online road testing times. The registry is the starting and ending point for your road test.

To avoid forfeiting your road testing fees, be sure you understand the changes and cancellation policies for both the registry and before checking out. This is particularly important as there are some situations where you can not start your road test which will result in the forfeit of your fees i.e. not providing valid insurance for the vehicle you are testing in, or last minute cancellations.

After reserving your Calgary road test, you will receive an email confirmation right away. This email will contain information for your tentative road test reservation and all of the road test policies from the Alberta Registry Agent location you are testing with. Make sure you review these policies.

A link for cancellations and changes is also contained in this email so make sure you don't delete your reservation confirmation email until after your road test is finished.

Arrive at the registry listed in your confirmation email 15-20 minutes prior to your road test reservation. You must obtain your prepaid road test permit from the registry before your road test can begin.

Good Luck!
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