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Cochrane Road Test Locations
All "Cochrane Road Tests" are conducted in the same professional manner regardless of registry location.
All Southern Albertans are subject to the same level of examination that is standardized throughout the province of Alberta.
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Class 5 Basic Testing Times Today

There are no immediate times available.

Cochrane Plates, Licensing and Registries Ltd.
Rental Vehicle Available For Alberta Road Test
Nestled in the quiet community of Cochrane, Cochrane Registries provides the perfect escape from bustling Calgary city streets for your Alberta Road test. Many have found that Cochrane Registries is a tranquil place to take their Calgary road tests due to its lesser population and small town courteous vibe from registry staff, as well as the individuals sharing the road with you. If you live in Calgary's northwest (Crowfoot and surrounding areas), you can avoid busy city streets and road test booking backlogs by taking a 10 minute drive West of Calgary. This small town can provide a different Alberta road testing environment compared to the city. Many have found that pressures are tremendous when taking your Alberta road test in an urban registry location. Cochrane Registries provides the alternative.

Cochrane Registries also allows online Alberta road test scheduling which makes it convenient especially if you live in the Calgary area. Cochrane Registries is located on Grande Blvd right across from the Safeway parking lots and next to The Co-operators insurance company, and provides ample parking. In addition to lots of practice and a calm demeanor, be sure that the vehicle you provide is eligible for you to use on your Alberta road test. For the safety of other drivers that share the road, your safety, and the driver examiners safety, your designated driver examiner will check your vehicle to make sure that it is in good working condition. For a checklist of what the driver examiner might check please click here.

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Every registry's Alberta road testing policies are slightly different.
Please make sure you read and understand the road testing policies of Cochrane Plates, Licensing and Registries Ltd. before completing your booking online.
#7, 214 Grande Blvd, Cochrane, AB T4C 2G4
(403) 932-5546

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