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Lloydminster Road Test Locations
All "Lloydminster Road Tests" are conducted in the same professional manner regardless of registry location.
All Albertans are subject to the same level of examination that is standardized throughout the province of Alberta.
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Class 5 Basic Testing Times Today

There are no immediate times available.

Wilson Registries
Rental Vehicle Available For Alberta Road Test
Wilson Registries has a brand new location for all your road testing needs!

Located on 50th, just steps away from the West Gate hotel, Wilson Registries specialized in ALL professional class licences as well as the traditional class 5 basic and class 5 advanced Alberta road tests. At Wilson registries you have the option of scheduling your Alberta road test online through their website.

Pricing information and Alberta road test policies are also on their website. Wilson registries offers class 1 professional class Alberta road tests that you can also book online. If you have successfully scheduled a class 1 Alberta road test online, please be sure to go to Wilson Registries 48 hours in advance so that you can receive further instruction about the location of your class 1 road test and get your eligibility checked. If your road test begins in less than 48 hours please contact Wilson Registries as soon as possible.

Booking your Alberta road test online can help you reserve your desired time slot and ensure that your time is not taken by other customers that are booking in person or online.

Click here to book your Alberta road test with Wilson Registries

Every registry's Alberta road testing policies are slightly different.
Please make sure you read and understand the road testing policies of Wilson Registries before completing your booking online.
1202 50th Avenue, Lloydminster, AB T9V 0Y1
(780) 875-5818

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