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Okotoks Road Test Locations
All "Okotoks Road Tests" are conducted in the same professional manner regardless of registry location.
All Albertans are subject to the same level of examination that is standardized throughout the province of Alberta.
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Class 5 Basic Testing Times Today

There are no immediate times available.

Ardiel Agencies
Rental Vehicle Available For Alberta Road Test
Ardiel Agencies is an authorized Alberta registry agent that offers drivers testing to Okotoks and surrounding communities like De Winton and High River. Aside from serving their local communities, Okotok's Ardiel Agencies might be an ideal place to begin your road test if you live in SW Calgary.

The Quieter streets and a more peaceful setting of Ardiel Agencies offers a lower stress road testing experience compared with Calgary's Shawnessy and Sundance areas, thus increasing your chances of passing your road test on the first try. Ardiel Agencies offers Class 5 basic, Class 5 Advanced GDL Exit, and Class 4 road tests.

You can book your road test through Ardiel Agencies online so that you can save an extra trip to the registry. Just be sure you are eligible. This rural registry also has a rental vehicle that you can use for an additional fee.

Click here to book your Alberta road test with Ardiel Agencies

Every registry's Alberta road testing policies are slightly different.
Please make sure you read and understand the road testing policies of Ardiel Agencies before completing your booking online.
11 McRae St, Okotoks, AB T1S 1A4
(403) 938-4277

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