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Rental Vehicles Available Online
Road testing vehicles are available to rent if you cannot provide your own vehicle for your road test.
Rental Vehicles Available Class 5 | Class 5 Advanced | Reserve a rental vehicle if you cannot provide one for your road test.

Class 6 | You can also reserve a rental motorcycle for your Class 6 road test.
Gear such as helmets, gloves and goggles may be available for rental by contacting the registry where you have booked your road test. Please contact the registry for details.
For Alberta Registry contact information, click here.

Rental vehicles are availabe for the following classes:
  • Class 6
  • Class 5 Basic GDL Road Test
  • Class 5 Advanced GDL Exit Road Test
  • Class 4
You can add a rental vehicle for your road test at the time you select your road test appointment. When selecting an appointment time, look for this symbol to rent a vehicle:
Rental Vehicle Available For Alberta Road Test  

If you do not add a rental vehicle or if no rental vehicle is available for your selected road test appointment, it is assumed that you will be providing an eligible vehicle yourself.

Any vehicles that you reserve with your road test are only for the duration of your scheduled road test and for road testing purposes only. In the event that you become ineligible at the time of your road test, fees associated with the rental vehicle may be forfeited as well.

Not all registry locations offer rental vehicles. If you need a rental vehicle for your road test, make sure you plan ahead and locate an appointment where a rental vehicle is available. The price of a rental vehicle for your road test may differ from registry location and class of the road test that is reserved for the road test.

If you reserve a vehicle online, it will be ready for your road test and available for pick up when you arrive at the registry location where your road test is scheduled.

Be sure to bring your email confirmation for your scheduled road test which will also include confirmation that you have booked and pre-paid for a rental vehicle.
If you have any additional questions, please contact the registry location where you plan on taking your test.

You must adhere and comply to rental vehicle reservation terms and conditions to rent a vehicle online for your road test. You will have agreed to the terms and conditions at the time you booked your rental vehicle/road test.

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