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Strathmore Road Test Locations
All "Strathmore Road Tests" are conducted in the same professional manner regardless of registry location.
All Southern Albertans are subject to the same level of examination that is standardized throughout the province of Alberta.
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Class 5 Basic Testing Times Today

There are no immediate times available.

Gold Key Registry
Rental Vehicle Available For Alberta Road Test
Gold Key Registries in Strathmore, Alberta provides an alternative location for your Alberta road test in a relaxed rural community. Gold Key Registries is just 20 minutes away from 16th Avenue (Highway 1) and also easily accessible from 22X on Calgary's south end. Scheduling your Alberta road test is also very easy with Gold Key Registry as they allow online bookings, making it convenient for Strathmore's rural neighbors to book a road test. Communities like the Siksika Nation, Chestermere, Langdon, Rockyford, Standard, and Gleichen can go online and book an Alberta road test through Gold Key Registries' website. This is convenient as two separate trips to the registry are not necessary if you book your Alberta road test online (one trip to book and pay and a second trip to actually take the road test).

Another advantage to Gold Key registry is that there are minimal wait times for you to schedule your Alberta road test. In urban centres like Calgary, wait times for road tests can sometimes range anywhere from 2-5 weeks compared to 1-3 days at a rural registry like Gold Key Registry. One of the requirements for road testing is for you to provide your own vehicle for your road test. The vehicle that you provide must be safe and roadworthy. The driver examiner that will be testing you will inspect your vehicle before your road test begins. For a checklist of safety requirements please click here.

Please contact Gold Key Registry if you have any questions regarding your Alberta road test eligibility or the condition of your vehicle.

Click here to book your Alberta road test with Gold Key Registry

Every registry's Alberta road testing policies are slightly different.
Please make sure you read and understand the road testing policies of Gold Key Registry before completing your booking online.
233 3 Ave, Strathmore, AB T1P 1N7
(403) 934-2375

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