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Why Take the Class 5 GDL Exit Road Test?

There are many reasons why you should take the GDL exit road test.
Different restrictions are associated with a class 5 GDL and class 5 non-GDL license.

Below is a comparison that highlights the differences between the class 5 GDL and non-GDL licenses as well as some advantages that may help later in life.

Demerit Accumulations
Demerits are accumulated depending on your traffic violation.
The most common cause for demerits on your license is speeding.

If you have a Class 5 GDL license, your license will be suspended after accumulating 8 demerit points.
For non GDL class 5 license holders this limit is increased to 15. A warning letter will be sent to a class 5 non GDL license holder when 8 demerits are reached.

Alcohol Limitations
Alcohol limitations are also affected by the class of license you hold.
For class 5 GDL license holders there is zero tolerance for any alcohol in your blood whatsoever while driving.
This restriction is enforced by an immediate license suspension.

A class 5 non GDL license holder is allowed a .05% blood alcohol level before a suspension may occur, although drinking and driving under any circumstances is highly discouraged.

Professional Upgrade Restriction
Another advantage to taking your class 5 GDL road test is the option to upgrade to a commercial class license.
If you hold a class 5 GDL license, you are restricted from upgrading to any professional classes.

In order to be eligible to upgrade to class 1 | class 2 | class 3 | class 4 you must take your class 5 GDL exit road test first.
Professional class license upgrade restrictions are lifted by taking the class 5 GDL exit road test. You can improve your professional driving resume and open more career opportunities by upgrading your license.

Other differences and advantages to taking your class 5 GDL exit road test.
If you are over the age of 18 and hold a class 5 GDL license you may not accompany a class 7 learners license holder while they are driving.

You must hold a class 5 GDL license for at least 2 continuous years before you are eligible to take a class 5 GDL exit road test.
Any suspensions that interrupt your driving status will affect your eligibility exit date. If there is doubt to your eligibility, please contact the registry where you plan on taking your road test to confirm your eligibility status.

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