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Alberta GDL Graduated Driver's Licence Program Explained
learner's practice test
learner's practice test
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learner's practice test
the graduated licensing process explained
graduated driver's licensing
alberta's graduated licensing
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eligibility matters
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Alberta Class 5 Basic GDL Road Test - What You Need To Bring
  1. Valid Class 7 Alberta's Learners Card

  2. Valid Insurance & Registration for the vehicle that you are providing for your road test

  3. Test Permit

    If you booked online your test permit is prepaid. You can pick up your test permit 30 minutes before your road test begins.

    If you booked in person you will receive your road test permit when you come to check in for your road test. You must provide this test permit to the driver examiner before your road test begins.

  4. Corrective lenses if you need them for driving.

  5. Secondary Identification

    A secondary piece of identification is required by the registry agent to reclass your operator's licence after you have passed your class 5 basic GDL road test.

    If you have any questions about your secondary identification, contact the registry where you plan on taking your road test.

    Below are some examples of acceptable secondary identification:

    • Alberta Health Care card or a health care card from another province that includes a photo
    • Social Insurance Card
    • Firearms Licence
    • Passport
    • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
    • Refugee Claimant Form – with photo
    • Citizenship Card
    • Federal Interim Health Card (with photo)
    • Indian Status Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Valid Work Permit
    • University or College Issue Identification Cards

      Debit and Credit cards are not an acceptable supplementary support document

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