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Alberta GDL Graduated Driver's Licence Program Explained
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learner's practice test
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learner's practice test
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eligibility matters
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Alberta Class 5 Advanced GDL Exit Road Test - Preparing For Your Road Test
There are a larger number of components to the Class 5 Advanced GDL Exit Road Test, which require a strong demonstration of driving skills, standards and techniques.

Skill Preparation

Drivers taking the advanced road test will be required to perform the following:
  • making numerous right and left turns
  • handling 'through' intersections
  • stopping at pedestrian crosswalks
  • entering and exiting high-speed roadways
  • changing lanes
  • handling controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  • driving in moderate and congested traffic
  • handling right and left road curves
  • handling controlled and uncontrolled railway crossings
  • driving in various speed zones
  • driving through playground and school zones
  • angle parking
  • hazard preparation exercises
  • hill parking
  • parallel parking
Vehicle Preparation

It is also ideal to prepare your vehicle for your road test.

If your vehicle that you provide for your road test is deemed a hazard or unsafe; the driver examiner may cancel your road test.
Items you should check include:
  • Working Brake Lights
  • Working Signal Lights
  • Sufficient Fuel
  • Mirrors
  • Unobstructed Windshield
  • Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Working Windshield Wipers
  • Brakes
  • Horn
  • Valid Registration
  • Valid Insurance
If you have any question about the condition of your vehicle, please contact the registry where you plan on taking your road test before booking online.

Before your road test begins, the driver examiner will perform a vehicle check to ensure that your vehicle is safe to test in. While you are in the driver's seat, the driver examiner will need your assistance in checking signal/brake lights, horn, brakes, and steering.

Contact the registry if to clarify any other questions or concerns you might have or ask the driver examiner before your road test begins.
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